Stories That Matter

I have learned that the best stories I’ve read are the ones that talk about the simple things that make up our lives. Mud puddles in the summer. A thunder storm that lights up the sky. Sitting on a porch swing watching the sun come up. Children playing tag until Mama calls everyone inside way after dark.

Stories are what connect the human race. They make us nod in agreement to the experiences that we share. We smile at a story that reminds us of our own journey. Our eyes get a little wet when we remember. The best stories make us think about where we’ve been and where we’re going in this life.

I’m no prize winning writer. But I like the way words weave together to reach places in the human soul. If you read long enough, you’ll recognize the finger prints of the likes of Garrison Keillor and Lake Wobegon. Lewis Grizzard spoke of the south in ways that made us all remember. A lesser known but incredible story writer is Wendell Berry and his stories of Port William, KY. He makes me think I should have lived there. Sometimes I imagine that I did live there.

Georgia Bred is about the places and people I know both past and present. I hope that somewhere down the road on this venture that the good folks of Hampton, GA are not offended. Hampton will always be home. Pine Mountain, Ga is on the hook, too. These are the two places I have lived the longest, and in which I have invested the most of my heart and soul. And though I have lived outside the state twice, Georgia has my heart and my most treasured memories. I hope you enjoy. I hope you find yourself between the lines. And I really hope that if you realize that you are a part of these stories that you let mercy and forgiveness guide you.

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